Elect Jamie Pedersen

State Senate, 43rd District, Democrat

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Jamie and Eric Pedersen and sons Anders, Leif, Trygve, and Erik, December 2011 Eric and Jamie Pedersen and sons Anders, Trygve, Erik, and Leif, June 2013 Jamie's great-grandparents, Elbert and Olianna Pedersen.  Jamie's grandpa Ted is the baby on his mother's lap.  Pacific County, ca. 1909 Governor Christine Gregoire congratulates Jamie after the House passes marriage equality, February 2012 Senator Ed Murray, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, Governor Christine Gregoire, and Jamie after the House passes marriage equality, February 2012 Jamie gives his speech on final passage of the marriage equality bill on the House floor.  February 2012 Jamie speaks at a rally celebrating the US Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA, June 2013 Eric and Jamie Pedersen and Roger Nyhus, with Erik, Leif, and Anders march in the 2013 Pride Parade Anne Levinson, Evan Wolfson, Councilmember Joe McDermott, Jamie, Eric, and Leif Pedersen, Justice Mary Fairhurst, Senator Ed Murray, Michael Shiosaki, Karen Poirier, and Rep. Laurie Jinkins at Jamie and Eric's wedding, July 2013 Eric and Jamie Pedersen, Michael Shiosaki, Senator Ed Murray, and US Representative Jim McDermott at 43rd District Democrats Pride Brunch, June 2011 Speaker Frank Chopp signs the marriage equality bill as Rep. Maureen Walsh, Rep. Laurie Jinkins, Cathy Maynard, Jamie, and Rep. Jim Moeller look on.  February 2012 Jamie speaks at Town Hall, September 2012 Jamie (with son Trygve) speaks to Washington United for Marriage volunteers, June 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to represent the 43rd District in the Washington State legislature for the last eight years. I appreciate the trust you have placed in me and am proud of the work that I have done on your behalf, including work on marriage equality and overturning three Tim Eyman anti-tax initiatives.

In December 2013, the King County Council appointed me to serve in the state Senate, filling the vacancy created by the election of Senator Ed Murray as Mayor of Seattle. I am now running for election to a full four-year term so that I can continue to be a strong champion of our district's values. I would be grateful for your support.

Like most of you, I was dismayed by the Republican takeover of the Senate last year, which brought a halt to most progressive legislation in Washington state. In 2014, Senate Republicans again blocked important bills such as:

  • the Reproductive Parity Act, protecting women's access to abortion under our state's implementation of federal healthcare reform; and
  • the Voting Rights Act, which would change rules for local elections to ensure a fair chance for historically underrepresented groups to win.
  • Legislation to keep the public and the environment safe from oil trains.

Senate Republicans also refused to bring a statewide transportation package to a vote, with potentially devastating consequences for Metro Transit and our regional and state economy. They even blocked adoption of a supplemental capital budget that had passed the House by a 92-4 vote. And they blocked all new revenue, impeding progress on meeting our constitutional duty to fund our public schools amply.

I want to help change that dynamic in the Senate. With my years of successfully building coalitions on a variety of issues in the House, I have come to the Senate with the legislative skills and relationships necessary to get good things done.

I bring a sense of urgency to education funding, tax reform, and other progressive change. My husband Eric and I are proud to have our oldest son in kindergarten at Stevens Elementary on Capitol Hill. His three younger brothers will start there in two years. They - and 51,000 other kids in Seattle Public Schools - deserve our help now. They need a stellar education to get the great jobs that will build our economy. They also need our action now to combat climate change. To accomplish those changes, we need to reform our antiquated tax system to make it fairer, more progressive, and adequate to meet our state's need to invest in its people.

Representing this district has been a huge privilege. I appreciate the chance to continue to work for you to build a better state that we can be proud to leave to our kids and grandkids.

Best wishes,


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